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Making Fitness FUN!

Kids Health and Fitness is so important and these days many children are just not getting enough activity into their daily schedules. Many children are missing out on developing important movement skills and/ or having a negative experience in school sport or competitive team sports.

3E Fitness is about making fitness for kids FUN! Yes, they will get fitter and stronger. Yes they will get sweaty and raise their heart rates – but we make sure they have fun doing it!

We run a variety of Kids and Teen Fitness Sessions at our private fitness centre in Airport West. They are not just slotted into the ‘gym’ somewhere and supervised by a 20 year old gym instructor. All our sessions are structured and run by Lauren, a highly qualified trainer (and mother) who is a Kids Fitness Expert, RMIT University qualified PE teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Sport and PE in schools as is a certified Youth Fitness Specialist.

Kids Fitness Sessions

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The Kids Fitness sessions all are expertly designed to get kids active while developing important physical skills to ensure continued participation and enjoyment of activity right through to adulthood. Majority of the session is made up of movement games and active play. The important Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS – Run, Leap, Jump, Dodge, Hop, Skip, Catch and Throw) create a basis for many of the activities and games that we undertake in the children’s sessions. Within these sessions the kids work towards earning their “Level Certificates” which help motivate them to work on their fitness, sport and movement skills.

Kid’s Fitness Sessions have a positive fun atmosphere and provide the children with expert guidance and instruction. Participant numbers are capped to ensure a very high level of supervision. Unlike in a school PE class, they won’t get lost or forgotten as one of up to 30 children. Bookings are essential and you must phone/ SMS through any absences.

Kids are kept moving for the entire 45 minute session to ensure they get the heart rate up and develop fitness and endurance. All sessions also increase social skills such as learning to interact with others, sharing and taking turns, team work, as well as developing relationships and meeting new friends.

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Specialised Programs

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Sports Ready and Footy Fit are our two programs that we run with a more specialised sports fitness focus. The programs are 8 weeks in duration and are geared towards helping kids develop their strength, speed, agility, ball skills, and overall fitness as it relates to their specific sport. The programs are still fun and work from our philosophy of developing healthy lifelong fitness habits. Yet we also recognise that the kids in these programs want to develop to a higher level and are willing to work a little bit harder.

For further information on these specialist programs please contact Lauren directly on 0402411108

Birthday Parties

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Want to have something different for your next birthday party!? Have a party at 3E Fitness! We offer the most fun (and least stressful!) parties around. We are able to cater to individual children’s interests (eg. A Footy Party! A Basketball Party! Disco, or a Dora the Explorer Party!) or just do general sports, activities and games. The list of possibilities is endless!!

Parties last for 2 hours including a snack/cake time* and lots of fun, fully supervised games and physical activity.Only $15.00 per child (minimum of $200 if you have fewer than 10 children attending). You are able to book a time on Friday night, Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon depending on availability.

*You are to provide all the food/cake required for your party. We have a fridge and piewarmer if needed.

Call to discuss the details with us. Call Lauren 0402411108