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The 3E Fitness Difference

3E Fitness is totally different to anywhere else you have ever trained before. We specialise in the personal side of fitness and make all our clients #1. You HAVE to come in and have a FREE trial session to see how uniquely different we really are! You never go it alone at 3E, we are there for you every step of the way. Our clients have described us as “Super friendly, ‘real’ trainers who guide you, push you and encourage you on your fitness journey”.

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Group Training

Anybody can come along… young, old, fit, and previously inactive. We especially train a lot of mums as we offer the unique environment where you are able to bring the little ones along to the training sessions. Our trainers have 10 kids between us so we know and understand what it is like to get back into shape after having children and the constant uphill battle to ‘find the time’ to fit your own training (anything!) in!

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Kids Training

We run a variety of Kids and Teen Fitness Sessions at our private fitness centre in Airport West. They are not just slotted into the ‘gym’ somewhere and supervised by a 20 year old gym instructor. All our sessions are structured and run by Lauren, a highly qualified trainer (and mother) who is a Kids Fitness Expert, RMIT University qualified PE teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Sport and PE in schools as is a certified Youth Fitness Specialist.

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Personal Training

Personal Training enables you to specify your individual training goals, training times and importantly for most of our clients you get to train in our private studio that is booked just for you/your small group and your very own trainer who will make sure you work hard and achieve your fitness goals.

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