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The 3E Family

3E Fitness is totally different to anywhere else you have ever trained before. We specialise in the personal side of fitness and make all our clients #1. You HAVE to come in and have a FREE trial session to see how uniquely different we really are! You never go it alone at 3E, we are there for you every step of the way. Our clients have described us as “Super friendly, ‘real’ trainers who guide you, push you and encourage you on your fitness journey”.

At 3E Fitness we will keep you accountable and provide fun, challenging (to just the right level) and ever varying sessions. Every training session is different and geared towards achieving your results! We have sessions for both adults and kids with our specialties being Mums and Kids. Mums – Bring your kids to the training sessions (no more worry about crèche costs and bookings!) Kids – Get fit and active, learn important movement skills, train for your sport and have fun doing it! (see our Kids Fitness Page)

Our aim at 3E FITNESS is to provide ‘Expert Exercise Education’ (3E) to all of our clients. We are passionate about health and fitness and our goal is to educate each and every one of our clients, both young and old, on the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

3E has our own private, indoor facility just for our PT clients. You will always feel comfortable, welcome and not have to worry about anything but having a kick ass session!

You never train by yourself at 3E – We will instruct you, check your form, encourage and challenge you to get the very most out of each session you come and complete with us.