Training with Us

Group Personal Training


Our most popular way to train is in our Group Personal Training (GPT) sessions. This option allows you to train for an unlimited number of sessions each week and offers flexibility to pick and choose your training times.

The sessions are both fun and challenging to just the right level. GPT sessions are different each and every time you attend and you will never get bored. We cater to all fitness levels and everyone is able to attend and gain the benefits of the strength and fitness training that we do.

Some examples of things you would do in the GPT sessions include: Circuits, Boxing, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension training, Strength work, Ropes, Metabolic Training, Interval Training, Running, Rowing, Challenges…..

Anybody can come along… young, old, fit, and previously inactive. We especially train a lot of mums as we offer the unique environment where you are able to bring the little ones along to the training sessions. Our trainers have 10 kids between us so we know and understand what it is like to get back into shape after having children and the constant uphill battle to ‘find the time’ to fit your own training (anything!) in!

Our GPT option is a great way to make the commitment to get fit and healthy. An affordable way to have your own trainer looking out for you, challenging you and keeping you accountable!

Come alone and meet new friends (we are supper welcoming!) or bring along someone you already know. Doing it as a group is always lots of fun! You can start whenever you like and attend as frequently as you wish, although bookings are essential.

Our current GPT schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 6am 6am 6am 6am

 6am (Fit Club)

9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 8am
10.30am   10.30am   10.30am  
 6.30pm 7pm  6.30pm 7pm    
7.30pm  8pm (yoga) 7.30pm      

For all enquiries and Bookings contact Lauren 0402411108

Personal Training


Another popular option is our Private Personal Training. This option is all about you! It enables you to specify your individual training goals, training times and importantly for most of our clients you get to train in our private studio that is booked just for you/your small group and your very own trainer who will make sure you work hard and achieve your fitness goals.

We offer Personal Training for both adults and kids. Personal Training for Children is a unique, specialist field and if this is what you are interested in please contact Lauren our university qualified, (PE) and Youth Fitness Specialist. She has been training kids for over 12 years. Call direct on 0402411108

We offer the following options for Personal Training at 3E:

  • One-on-One – Specific and focused training just for you and your individual needs.
  • Two-on-One – Train with a friend and have double the fun! This is an economical and motivational option.
  • Small Group – 3 or more and we can run a group session or you can join one of our existing groups (see small group personal training section below for more details).
  • Sports – Specific Training (single or groups) – Train to improve your performance in your chosen sport, or we can train your whole team for you to gain that competitive edge. Contact us for more information or a pre/ season quote.
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