Metabolic Training


What is 3EMT! Metabolic Training!

I like to define metabolic training as a series of exercises with very little rest in between and performed at maximal effort to increase calorie burn and metabolic rate during and then importantly after the session.

We aim to use large muscle groups and wherever possible compound exercises (this is where you use more than one muscle group at a time). We also aim to keep the intensity very high throughout the sessions. Your aim is to be breathing hard and working up a sweat! You should also ensure you are keeping correct form and lifting as heavy as possible.

A metabolic workout aims to create the ‘burn’ in your muscles. If you are training properly and at a high enough intensity you will feel this burn towards the last few reps of an exercise. If not, look at working harder or lifting more weight! This burn creates a favourable hormone response in the body that will help to burn fat and build muscle.

The benefits of metabolic training include increased fitness, burning of a heap of calories in a short time during your session and the biggest benefit of all is the “after burn’ affect where your body has increased metabolic rate (and thus burns more calories) for 24, and even up to 48 hours post workout!


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